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Our Affiliation program is not just an ordinary sales program

As more companies breach the digital barrier and the digital companies break into the brick and mortar marketplace, they have realised that there is a need to be more extroversive.

At ME Healthy Living we like to stay ahead of the game. This is why our affiliation programme gives our affiliates the option to reap the benefits of the web, by combining your skills to achieve both online and offline sales. Despite current trends, we are approaching our affiliate programme in a diversified way that is very realistic and lucrative for our affiliates.

We encourage our affiliates to use all their skills in sales and we provide the tools for them to not only reach a digital audience, but also branch over to real-world interactions. The programme mainly provides our affiliates with pre-created content available to use on your social media and their direct sales activities; we will provide you with marketing material, social media posts, as well as scheduled promotions to help you boost your marketing and keep up with current trends.

In addition to all that, ME Healthy Living will also provide you with several tools that can be used as sales promo aid, such as codes and discount cards which then can be used for online purchases via our online store.

You just reap pure profit for you and a generous discount for the person that you recommended to purchase the product.

Our products are easy to find on our regularly updated website. We also have a private Google+ and Facebook community for sharing tips, blog and post information to help you make better sales.


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