Efzeen is a project for spreading a healthy lifestyle according to the Mediterranean philosophy of living, advocating better quality of life and promoting longevity through a range of organic and natural products


Efzeen is the Greek phrase for living well. It includes values such as quality of life, completeness and harmony, all those values that make our life count. These values bring longevity to the citizens of Ikaria, a Greek island in the far east of the Mediterranean, where people live much longer than those on other islands or the mainland. In fact, Ikarians live on average 10 years longer than those in the rest of Europe and America and 1 in 3 live into their 90s, remaining physically active and maintaining a sex life into old age. This happens due to much lower rates of cancer and heart disease, and also significantly less suffering from depression and dementia. So, what is the secret of Ikaria? What do its inhabitants know that the rest of us don't?

Ikarian longevity is a result of the Mediterranean culture. The key elements of quality of life and the secrets of youth that we can learn from Mediterranean philosophy of living are first to be in balance with environment and people, to love yourself and those around you. Be grateful for what earth has to offer and be a part of it because it is a part of our essence. Care about our work, doing it with hunger and passion, but not to stress ourselves for issues that others manage. Also, eat with a healthy appetite but when we finish to have always the feeling of contentment not fullness. Nourish our body and mind giving and taking love, smiling and laughing more, dancing with our soul. Furthermore, we have to show our emotions and not to be afraid, to forgive and forget, to fight and make up, to get passionate but not obsessed, to let things go.

 ‘Efzeen’ is a project for disseminating people a healthy lifestyle according to the Mediterranean philosophy of living. The aim of our website is to promote the key element of most philosophies advocating quality & longevity of life through a range of organic and natural products. In our website you can find products that do not harm the environment, are in harmony with four seasons, made in small companies and through that we support small communities and fair trades.