Welcome the the ME Healthy Living homepage!

ME Healthy Living is a world distributor and wholesaler based in the UK since 2009. We distribute exclusively our own top quality brands to the local and world market, through our e-store and an elaborate network of pharmacies, health care retailers and extended personal affiliate programme. Our distribution network covers most of Europe and we are always looking for new partnerships in European regions as well as worldwide. ME Healthy Living assists all clients, big and small, who entrust our company, with their product distribution, using innovative marketing support and commercial support services. If you are a local manufacturer or a pharmaceutical wholesaler looking for a reliable partner to distribute your products, please get in touch with us now.

Sourcing and introducing new innovative products has been a hallmark of our growth as a company. We aim to promote the sales and distribution of exclusive, innovative and high quality nutritional health food supplements, health foods and personal care products which are environmentally safe and sustainably produced. Our goal is to spread a healthy lifestyle and alter our customers’ lives from within, to reach high quality of life and longevity. To achieve that, we carry a wide range of products that not only cater to your health and beauty care needs, but also bespoke dietary suggestions to satisfy eclectic tastes.

The first essential part of our holistic project are our wellbeing and body care products such as food supplements, OTC and luxury goods. We distribute all the very best through our online shop, The Collagen Shop, combined with detailed product information to enable our customers to make the right choices about their health and welfare. Our Collagen Shop has been created to offer our consumers new, advanced, clinically proved products and treatments that are designed to help maintain healthier and younger skin, hair, nails and promote healthier joints. The collagen that we use is one of the purest forms of protein you can get. Our unique line of collagen products contains hydrolysed liquid peptides that are derived from natural origins of f grade. All liquid supplements are more easily and effectively absorbed into the body. Our expertise in liquid food supplements began with the collagen line and it is gradually growing in order to cover a broader range of food nutrients and supplements.

Our eclectic health food products are part of this project for disseminating a healthy lifestyle according to the Mediterranean philosophy of living. They include the Melini, Oleo and the Efzeen lines. Under Efzeen (the “good life” promoted by ancient Greeks) you will find wellbeing products such as carefully selected herbs, dried fruit and other products to sustain your healthy, balanced way of living. Melini is our sweetest line yet, built around a basic staple of Mediterranean diet: honey. Our Greek honey is harvested during the spring time and the summer months where nature is in its highest, and the blend has a smooth taste of wildflower and herbs. In our site you can find other honey-related products, sweets and supplements. Oleo is our unique extra virgin olive oil, of the Koroneiki variety. It is cold-pressed to retain its smooth flavour and aroma, made from hand-picked organic olives.